An Average Team in a Very Good Conference: Is it Enough?

Isn't that what the Utes are? Can anyone argue otherwise?

Through 8 games, among the 123 FBS schools, the Utes rank

  • 59th in Passing Offense (244.1 ypg)
  • 59th in Rushing Offense (174.1 ypg)
  • 53rd in Scoring Offense (31.1 ppg)
  • 53rd in Red Zone Offense
  • 75th in Pass Efficiency (127.4)
  • 38th in Rushing Defense (141.3 ypg)
  • 91st in Passing Defense (251.9 ypg)
  • 59th in Scoring Defense (25.8 ppg)
  • 74th in Red Zone Defense
  • 80th in Pass Efficiency Defense (133.04)

Collectively, these statistics scream mediocrity. Unfortunately for the Utes, three other key statistics have completely killed Utah's chances of turning the corner and competing in the PAC12 this year. You can probably guess which stats I'm talking about, but here they are anyway:

  • 107th in 3rd Down Conversion % (.325)
  • 108th in Turnover Margin(-8)
  • and...wait for it...

  • 119th in Interceptions Thrown (15).

Coach Whitt said after the USC loss that the team needed to do some soul searching. Perhaps Ute fans need to do some soul searching of our own.

  • Are we satisfied with being an average team in a good conference?
  • Is it enough that we get to have some high level, nationally prominent programs visit Rice Eccles every year?
  • Will the occasional 'big' win over a Stanford keep us content with mediocrity?
  • Will we ever reach a point where we demand changes at the top of the program? At what point? (no, I'm not calling for Whitt's head...yet)
  • Does beating BYU regularly (when the rivalry resumes) keep our coach off the hot seat?
  • Do we resign ourselves to the fact that we can't compete in the recruiting arena with the USCs, Oregons, and UCLAs of the conference?
  • In our 3rd year in the PAC12, we face the real possibility of two losing seasons in a row...and sitting at home during Bowl season. Yes, the conference has improved as a whole during those three years. But are we heading in the right direction? Is Coach Whittingham the man to lead us in that direction?

    If the time comes that we can answer that question with a resounding "no," do we, as fans, have the resolve to call for the job of someone we've all loved for what he has done for the program? I wonder...

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