8-4 in 2013...Really?

As I have been looking at the upcoming 2013 Schedule I was thinking about the games and and guessing which ones I believe we would win and lose. And at the end Utah was 8-4. Yes, that seemed really high after last year's record, but the more I look at the games the more I think its a possibility. Here's how I got there.

Aug 29, Utah St @ Utah: Thursday night game, in The RES, Revenge Baby! Utah won't get ripped off with a PI in the endzone, won't get anybody thrown out of the game for a phantom punch, and we start the season off right 1-0!

Sep 7, Weber St @ Utah: Cooling down with Weber here is a fantastic way to reset from the USU rivalry and try to clean some stuff up from week 1. The Utes ar 2-0

Sep 14, Oregon State @ Utah: With an emotional reset and some time to fine tune some things against WSU the week before I see the overrated Beavers coming into The RES and getting beat by a well prepared Utes squad with the home crowd backing them up. In a defensive slugfest I think we'll win this one and move to 3-0.

Sep 21, Utah @ Provostan Pussy Cats: Lets face it, TDS' defense will probably take a small step back and be really inconsistent on offense like we were last year. That and the fact that we own the kitties means I think we are 4-0.

Sep 28, Bye week recover from TDS and start working on UCLA(who we only lost to on the road by 7 points last year in Wilson's first start.

Oct 3, UCLA @ Utah This is going to be a Thursday night Party and with 10 days of prep I think that we'll be able to contain Hundley and stop the Bruins on 3rd downs.This game reminds me a lot of the 2008 OSU game were we had to win on a field goal. Either way I'll take it and I think that the Utes go to 5-0.

Oct 12, Stanford @ Utah No I'm not delusional. Although I don't see a lot of teams in the country being able to run between the tackles on Utah and out muscle us in the running game. This I will chalk up to the "L" column in a hard fought game. Utah is 5-1.

Oct 19, Utah @ Arizona Marginal game in my mind as I don't see a gap in talent between the two squads but because I have already given Utah the benefit of the doubt against some other teams already, I will have to balance myself out and predict a loss here(road game too). Utah is 5-2.

Oct 26, Utah @ USC Yes, The Trojans are a trainwreck from a coaching standpoint, but we're going into the colliseum with a young QB and I'll give the Utes another Loss here because we're on the road against a really talented team. We are sadly now 5-3, but we're moving into a bye week so we can regroup.

Nov 2, BYE Week Time to get ready for the Sun Devils. Here we have DE getting us ready for Taylor Kelly and CO.

Nov 9, ASU @ UTAH A combination of The RES, A bye week, DE, and the fact we finally get ASU in the second half of the season makes me think that we finally beat these guys and move to 6-3 and are once again BOWL ELIGIBLE!

Nov 16, Utah @ Oregon Loss, that's all I have to say here. and 6-4.

Nov 23, Utah @ Wazzu I actually think we have the better talent and coaching in this matchup. Plus they quit on Utah during last years game. I think we have a mental edge over this team and Utah moves to 7-4.

Nov 30, Colorado @ Utah I don't think that Utes will blow another Colorado game in Salt City for a while, plus it will be senior day. Utes move to 8-4 overall and 5-4 in conference play.

So that's how I got to 8-4 and it doesn't seem that far fetched. Obviously we'll have to see where we are after spring football, but what do you all think?

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