Utes Facility Tour


I have been making some highlight videos recently, and after a twitter contest with safetys coach Morgan Scalley on which song best fits Utah football, I won by sending in my video (which is titled as Utah Football We Will Rock U if you haven't seen it and I have some others too).

I was seriously ecstatic when I found out, and I was not disappointed.

As excited as I was to see this state of the art facility, I was really looking forward to getting to talk to Scalley and Shaw.

The Facility - It was still in construction, opens in July, but holy crap! It was absolutely amazing. 150,000 sq feet. Really amazing and a huge boost for recruiting. Players lockers are separated into position in groups and each have a ipod docking station to listen to music in their locker... plus a lot of really cool stuff.


RES expansion - Shaw told me they really want it, but that after this $30 million facility that Hill wants them to relax for a second.

Mountain themed unis - Shaw said whit is the only one that knows and that he really doesn't care. I told him my concern about 90s jazz uniforms and he agreed. Also agreed that the topography is very cool, and that he thinks that is the direction they are taking.

D-Line - Shaw said this will be the biggest surprise this fall as Palepoi and others coming in will make it very strong.

Kicking game - Both scalley and Shaw agreed it was an adventure last year and so far is the same this year, but promising players are coming in this fall.

Stacking up to other programs - Shaw said this will be the best facility until Alabama decides they want another one, (quote) "Alabama will not be outdone"

Really cool seeing the facility, and how kind these coaches were. Very kind of these coaches to take the time to grab some fans and take em on a tour during their time for vacations and for recruiting.

Shaw was an absolute crack up, and made it very clear this team is ready to win.


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