Armed Forces Bowl


I'll admit, I was nervous for this game. Not because I didn't think Utah was capable of winning, rather nervous because I wasn't sure which Utah team would show up. Luckily, the team that won 4 of...

Utes defeat Tulsa 25-13 in Armed Forces Bowl, win 6th straight bowl

Utah kept their bowl winning streak alive with an impressive 25-13 victory over Tulsa in the Armed Forces Bowl. With the win, Utah runs their bowl winning streak to 6 straight, which is tied with...

Comparing Utah's schedule with that of Tulsa's

To get a better understanding of where Utah and Tulsa stand, I thought it would be best to compare both team's schedule. This should at least give a foundation for the argument of which team is...

A quick look at Tulsa's bowl history

Know your enemy, they say and I'm going to do just that. I've already looked at Tulsa's defense and Tulsa's offense, so I also thought I would take a look at their bowl history.Tulsa's actually...

A look at Tulsa's defense

You can read the breakdown of Tulsa's offense here.While Tulsa has an impressive offense, their defense is equally impressive this season. In 12 games this season they've given up on average 19.5...

A look at Tulsa's offense

Tulsa has been known for an offensive machine the past two seasons and their point total pretty much shows this. During 12 games the Golden Hurricanes have averaged 29 points per game, second only...

A look at Tulsa's season

The Golden Hurricanes (do they even have hurricanes in Tulsa?) had a fairly easy schedule this year, so it's not a surprise that they finished with 8 wins. What is a surprise is that they struggled...

Tulsa will be Utah's opponent in the Armed Forces Bowl

The Tulsa World is reporting that Tulsa has accepted a bid to play the Utes in the Armed Forces Bowl this December 23rd. Tulsa, a former WAC foe for the Utes, now plays in the Conference USA and...

Utes to play in Armed Forces Bowl

Today the University of Utah has accepted an invitation to play in the Armed Forces Bowl, marking the 4th straight bowl appearance for Utah. Though Utah's opponent has yet to be named, chances are...

Fort Worth here we come?

Hm, it looks like the Utes are slated to play Tulsa in the Fort Worth Bowl. Not what I would call a great bowl game, or even a great opponent. No disrespect to Tulsa, but I'd rather Utah play a BCS...

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