Sugar Bowl

Nick Saban: Tide weren't interested in playing Utah


Graham Watson actually comes to Utah's defense and swats down this bogus excuse put out by Alabama head coach Nick Saban months after the Utes waxed his Tide in the Sugar Bowl.  "There's very...

BCS to Utah: Drop Dead!


Utah, the college football's Oliver Twist.

Roll 'Bama Roll has an interesting debate on Utah


Started over something I said here. I guess my wording has set off a firestorm because I hinted at the possibility of Utah being a football power. But I thought it was clear in my post that we were...

Rick Reilly in Utah's corner


Find me anybody else that went undefeated. Thirteen-and-zero. Beat four ranked teams. Went to the Deep South and seal-clubbed Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. No other team can claim what Utah has...

Yes Virginia, they do play football in the Rocky Mountains


Who would have thought they actually play football in the Rocky Mountains?

How it's going to go down...


Utah will get jobbed in the final rankings, here is why.

Texas gets unimpressive win over Ohio State, what does it mean?


The Buckeyes took the lead with only minutes to go, but a late rally by Texas saved the win and any lasting hope of a national championship. A loss would have helped Utah.  A close Texas win...

Jamal Anderson lays out Utah's case


Anyone dare refute Mr. Anderson? Jamal Anderson's case for putting Utah at No. 1

What they're saying...


Here is a quick list of articles mentioning Utah's victory over Alabama and their chance at the national championship. Undefeated Utah deserves this vote for No. 1 - David Climer, The Tennessean I...

Putting context to Utah's historic 13-0 season


Going undefeated is not easy.  Just ask 118 college football teams that failed to do so this season.  Going undefeated twice in a matter of five seasons? Nearly unheard of, at least in the modern...

Debunking the "they don't deserve it" argument


The Utes deserve the championship despite their detractors.

Sugar Bowl highlights


This never gets old. 2009 Allstate Sugar Bowl Highlights (via foxcloak866) And if you want to watch the game in its entirety, check out Hulu.

Contact the AP voters and tell them to vote Utah #1


Utah deserves to be the AP National Champion, contact each voter and give them reasons why you believe Utah should be #!

Utes return home after Sugar Bowl win


They just arrived at Salt Lake City International Airport.  I'm sure the city is going to plan some sort of parade, like they did after the Fiesta. This will be well deserved. via m...

How's that song go? Celebrate good times?


Is that right? Kool & The Gang will become our anthem.  But first... Ute fans celebrate Sugar Bowl win (via sltrib)   And now for that anthem... Kool and the Gang - Celebrate (1980) (via...

National champions? Why not?


Utah should be national champions. It's that simple.



Ah, I love it!

Utes win the Sugar Bowl, finish 13-0!


I say we're national champions?WHO'S WITH ME?!? CELEBRATE THIS, WE EARNED IT! 


Utah-Alabama Sugar Bowl Gameday Open Thread

Utah-Alabama Sugar Bowl Gameday Open Thread.

Sugar Bowl photos


Thanks to via via via via via More after the jump! via   via p...

Best game of the decide


Utah had its share of memorable games in 2008, but what was your favorite?

Alabama by the numbers


Alabama's offense will provide a challenge for Utah...but why?

Tide suspend left tackle Andre Smith


Nick Saban has sent home Andre Smith, the Alabama All-America left tackle for an undisclosed team violation, the AP is reporting. Who knows the impact this will have on Friday's game, but it should...

Game week: Alabama SEC Championship highlights


Alabama highlights and a look at the Tide's loss to Florida.

Utes have arrived in Nawlins!


Since I've been celebrating the holidays, I didn't really think much about the upcoming game, so it's kind of crept up on me. Really, it's hard to believe we're only a few days away from the...

Win Sugar Bowl tickets


If you're looking to win some Sugar Bowl tickets, head on down to the Gallivan Center this Thursday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. (200 South, Main Street), when the Allstate Tailgate Tour makes a stop in...

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