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How does 2010 stack up to 2008 and 2004?

Utah is on pace for an undefeated season. How does 2010 compare to 2008 and 2004 after six games?

Why Ute fans should be optimistic, despite the easy schedule

Utah is producing its best offensive performance of the Whittingham era. Much of this has to do with their easy schedule. However, compared to last year, they're leaps and bounds better. What does this mean for the season?

Ode to Utah, the original BCS buster

Pretty good article about Utah and Pitt's lone meeting.

Whittingham, Utes, believe this could be best offense ever at Utah

Utah players and coaches believe the Utes just may produce the best offense in school history this season.

Where I come from: Our favorite Ute memories

Utah football has had a lot of great memories. What are some of yours?

Where I come from: Utah tailgating traditions (yeah, it does happen)

Tailgating at Utah might sound like an oxymoron - but we're pretty damn good at it.

Where I come from: Our favorite Utah team

There have been some really good teams in Utah football history. But what team do you consider your favorite?

USC, Utah and 2004

SC may be stripped of their title. Do the '04 Utes have a chance of claiming it?

Holy War Moments: 2004 GameDay comes to Salt Lake City

ESPN GameDay in 2004 introduced the Holy War to national audiences. It was one of the most memorable games as later in the day, Utah would become the first BCS Busters.

Best team in state history...

Do I have impeccable timing or what? Just a couple days after asking this, ESPN decided to make it official. So now the official poll is up. Go vote. Right now, 2008 Utah is winning nationally and locally. While you're there, also vote for Urban Meyer/ Ron McBride over LaVell Edwards. Why? Because.

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