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Why Ute fans should be optimistic, despite the easy schedule


Utah is producing its best offensive performance of the Whittingham era. Much of this has to do with their easy schedule. However, compared to last year, they're leaps and bounds better. What does...

Utah's path to a 3-1 record against the Frogs


Utah and TCU have quite a history since the Frogs entered the conference in 2005. Thankfully for the Utes, it's lopsided. Can they add to that domination with another victory this Saturday?

The story of Lucky G. O'Utes


The story of Lucky G. O'Utes and how he sparked Utah's amazing 25-2 run.



2003, 2007 and 2009 all have something in common for the Utes.

Rockies Retro: Rox vs. (Devil) Rays - June 2007


Rockies Retro takes a look back at the series played between the Colorado Rockies and the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays in June of 2007.



On September 22nd, 2007, Utah lost to UNLV. They've only lost once since that game. Here's a look back at how Block U took the loss.

Whittingham's biggest games


What defines a big game? How is it any different than the others on the schedule and how can it impact a program's history? These can be difficult questions to ask, because big games are left up...

Marlon Lucky - Stay A Cornhusker Or Go In the NFL Draft?


Nebraska junior running back Marlon Lucky is considering entering the NFL draft. His consideration shouldn't take him very far unless he gets some bad advice or he figures that he'll lose his...

Three Topics I'm Trying to Avoid


#1 – The Panthers Safety Position – I’m still pissed that the Panthers didn’t go after Donovan Darius which is why I haven’t written about it. For the life of me I can’t understand it. The reason...

2007 Lessons


Back to back losses to Texas A&M.Let that sink in a minute, if it hasn't already. If you need help getting depressed about it, remember that Aggieland exists for one reason only - beating Texas -...

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