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2009-2010 Bracketology


Joe Lunardi has us as a 5 seed. Perhaps Joe should have his intern give Andy Katz's intern a call. Katz daddy has Texas as preseason number 4. He also has better hair and a winning smile. L...

UNC National Champions? Thank Dexter Pittman


According to the douchebags north of the Red River. Apparently, Sexy Dexy slapped the game out of Blake Griffin and set the basketball world on its collective ear by not allowing the Sooners their...

Umm, Yes, Carolina is real good


As I type this, UNC is up 21 on MSU at the half. They've scored a Championship record 55 points in the first stanza, and I suspect it'll likely be a similar result in the 2nd. UNC comes at you...

Tiger Woods > Blake Griffin & Tyler Hansborough


Tiger Woods captured his first PGA event Sunday in almost nine months after recovering from knee surgery. And it was CBS and the NCAA Elite Eight that took a hit to the ratings kneecap as a result. ...

Texas Basketball vs. Duke Post Mortem


Wow. What can I say? This one hurts. I woke up this morning feeling like Aminu Timberlake's sternum or Tyler Hansbrough's shattered zygomatic arch. I woke up feeling cheap shotted as I'm sure a...

Duke Preview


For the better part of four months we've lamented the fact that Texas is a horrendous shooting basketball team. We've got athletes, rebounders, difference makers on the block, and defensive...

Free NCAA Game Watching


You can watch all of the games at the link below. It also has the famous Boss Button that allows you to pull up a spreadsheet if one of you cubicle monkeys has your supervisor roll up. Watch all...

NCAA Tournament Regional Ramblings: The West


My two year old came up yesterday and in his broken English/Mork from Ork dialect he asked me why his two older brothers beat up on him. After careful fatherly consideration I replied, "Because...

NCAA Tournament Regional Ramblings: The Midwest


A glance out to flyover territory reveals a bracket that's probably the most balanced of the four regions. The committee says otherwise, but I think the Louisville Cardinals are the weakest number...

NCAA Tournament Regional Ramblings: The South


Taking our canine carnival to the South to do some old fashioned whoofing. Pending plantar fasciitis issues this should be a cake walk for the Heels into the regional final. If Lawson can't go in...

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