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Is Bielema Confused, Or Just Playing Favorites?

Much ink has been spilled on Wisconsin's indecisive roster decisions lately. It has been a most unBielema-like development. Can we take Biels at his word anymore or has he lost his marbles?

Question of the week: Who shall we root against?


The season is coming to an end. Raw Charge staffers explain why they're cheering for those other teams to lose and lose hard.


Not saying I don't like Coach Ford...

...but I AM saying I don't like his coaching.End of season results aside, look at how his teams play. Offensive and defensive organization are non-existent. Previous teams with Eaton, Anderson,...

Les Miles, Not Actually The Worst Coach In Division I-A? The Heck You Say!


If you're a Georgia fan, the name "Heismanpundit" immediately triggers a Pavlovian giggle. A football wonk with an affinity for the spread offense that borders on the obsessive-compulsive, HP named...



We all know that college football is no longer just a sport; these days, it's a business. So how best to spend your hard-earned dollar? Here at EDSBS, our research division has partnered with...

Utes say they'll stick with wildcat scheme and I die a little inside


The wildcat makes its return. Oh joy!

Kings Gameday: More Like The Grate One, Am I Right? Hello?


A Kings fan tries to rationalize his love of Wayne Gretzky and a quick list of people you should hate.

Newark Star-Ledger: Bill Callahan Could Get Interview for Jets


Folks in New York are pleased with Bill Callahan's work with the Jets offensive line, but please. Head coach? After what he did to the Raiders and the Huskers? I still maintain that Bill Callahan won't ever be a head coach again, barring a situation where he's named interim head coach in the middle of a season.

Opening Day Links and League-Wide Predictions


The end of the Hawks bench talks about their excitement and relief upon making the opening night roster.

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