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College Football's New Playoff: The PAC-12's Early Disadvantage


College football has a new playoff system on the way, but a few more changes need to occur before PAC-12 fans can get excited.

Are you ready for some playoffs?


It appears college football is close to adopting a four-team playoff - how will it impact Utah and the Pac-12?

K-State Slate: 5.2.12


The Slate is somewhere. Today, John Currie joins Fiesta Bowl board of directors, Bruce Weber signs K-State up to play Gonzaga, national writers take Bill Hancock to task for Manhattan comments, and...

K-State Slate: 4.27.12


The Slate made it to Friday. Today, Cartier Martin gets his shot in the NBA, a four-team playoff in college football is all but certain by 2014, but how will we select the teams, and WHAT WILL WE...


How the Heck Can We Fit Conference Champions into the BCS Playoff?

We should all be doing a happy dance: the crummy, corrupt, poorly designed and poorly executed BCSCG is on its way out, to be replaced by a four-team playoff......that will probably be crummy, run...

BCS Playoff: Pac-12 & Big 10 Athletic Directors Agree On Plus One Format That Would Preserve Rose Bowl Game


Big Ten and Pac-12 athletic directors agree on a plus one playoff format based off of BCS formulas to determine a college football champion. The Rose Bowl rivalry between the two conferences would...

BCS Playoff: Round 7


Which games count most in the BCS race in week 7? A look at the single elimination and double elimination brackets in college football.

What Would A College Football Playoff Look Like?


So while Congress grills the BCS commissioners on why the BCS is so unfair, Crimson & Cream Machine attempts to break down what a fair playoff system in college football might look like.

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