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2012 BlogPoll, Week 1: USC, Alabama Rise, Nebraska Starts at #17

Nebraska starts at #17 in the first Blogpoll of the 2012 season. LSU dropped to third behind Alabama and USC - kind of funny what one lost honey badger does to the perception of a team's chances.

2012 BlogPoll, Week 1: USC, Alabama Rise as Honey Badger-Less LSU Falls

The main thing I took away from this: Kansas State checked in at No. 22, a minus-7 drop from the previous preseason poll that reflects the changing national sentiment. But we were fourth-highest in standard deviation, a statistical measure of the degree of disagreement among voters as to where an individual team should be ranked. That means some voters, like me, have the Cats as high as No. 12 or so, while others have them not ranked altogether. All of which is to say: Nobody has a darn idea how good we can be — precisely what I expect from a preseason poll.

Preseason BlogPoll Released

Georgia ranked seventh. Go 'Dawgs!

Early 2012 Blog Poll Results

Andy has compiled the results from 22 ballots around the country and WVU has been selected as an early #11 by our blogging peers. He also provides some statistical analysis to the ballots submitted.

Dr. Saturday and I Are on the Same Page

I always find that encouraging, except whenever he goes off on one of his playoff tirades. Go 'Dawgs!

Final 2011 BlogPoll Rankings Released

Alabama won the BlogPoll national championship, despite the fact that five voters (including me) ranked the Tide third. Georgia ended up ranked 19th after a ten-win division championship season in which the Bulldogs lost to No. 2 LSU, No. 7 Boise State, No. 8 South Carolina, and No. 10 Michigan State. The Red and Black had the second-highest degree of deviation in the poll, thanks partly to my ballot: I won the Straight Bangin' Award and finished second in the running for Mr. Bold. Go 'Dawgs!

BlogPoll Says Clean Old-Fashioned Hate Pits No. 12 v. No. 24

That should make it interesting, shouldn't it? Go 'Dawgs!

BlogPoll Ranks Georgia Bulldogs No. 14

Auburn checks in at No. 25. Go 'Dawgs! Auburna delenda est!

College Football Rankings: LSU Tops Week 7 BlogPoll, Extends Penthouse Stay

Nebraska stayed at #15 in the Top 25 Blogpoll, while Corn Nation gets singled out for having the unchangiest ball this week, provoking the following comment from Blogpoll Master Andy Hutchins. I mean, if I were a Nebraska fan, and my team had beaten the reigning Big Ten champion with a ridiculous, potentially season-saving comeback, I would have dropped just three teams that lost and kept my top 13 the same, too. If it ain't broke...

Week 7 Blogpoll Still Likes Georgia Tech But Spotty Play Brings Drop In Rankings

For the first time the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets dropped below the Coaches and AP Polls within the Blogpoll. Both "mainstream" polls have Tech slotted for 12th overall. In Week 6, the Jackets were ranked 10th. Week 7 highlights: Highest voter: FOVA and Tomahawk Nation (6th) Lowest voter: Building the Dam (21st) FTRS Ballot here.

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