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Second Period Meltdown Dooms Devils at the Stadium


The Stadium Series game at Yankee Stadium started out very well for the Devils but it certainly didn't end that way. Marty was porous and the defense was downright awful as an early 3-1 lead turned...


Closers in Non-Save Situations

Bryan Cole looks for evidence of the legendary "closer mentality" in those pitchers who perform better in save situations than in blowouts. Is this a repeatable skill, or just luck?

Rick Reilly Is A Walking Amber Alert


And he's protecting your kids. Particularly the 17 year olds that are healthy, tall, and bad at sports. I stumbled across this Rick Reilly article on Inside Texas and I think it calls for...

Second best offense in the nation? Utes wreck Rams


Wham, bam, thank you ma'am! Utes utterly destroy Colorado State in a rainy lopsided battle.

The rarity of a blowout conference loss could end when Utah moves to P-10


Utah's world was rocked by a blowout conference loss to the TCU Horned Frogs last year. Get used to it because those types of losses will become more commonplace in the Pac-10.

Mercy Rules and Blowouts


Team Canada and Team USA's women's hockey teams have been handing out blowouts to teams in the Olympics like they are free candy. Because of that, a lot of talk has arisen about whether blowouts...

UConn 52, URI 10: The less said about this one the better


Michael Smith rushes the ball. ... Wait, it's not a run? A pass? The hell's a pass? You mean an inside draw, right? It's pretty hard to come...

Terps Get Blown Out Against Gonzaga


The Terps couldn't hold it together against Gonzaga after the big upset win over Michigan State.

Thumbin' Through Michigan v. Illinois: Feel The Pain


For those of you who are unfamiliar with Thumbin' Through, I bring my Treo to every game and thumb out my thoughts as the game goes on. This is complete stream of consciousness. The idea is to put...

The Takeaway: Maine


Sure, Iowa just throttled a wildly overmatched Maine team, 46-3. But how much do we really know? What was really important about beating Maine? What does it all mean, Basil? The Takeaway has the...

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