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Provo Shore

Oh yeah, this one's going to be a hit...

Apparently, Chris Hill is just killin' everything

Did Utah kill the Holy War? The Deseret News seems to think so.

Don't throw dirt on the Holy War grave just yet

The Holy War is dead. Long live the Holy War. It seems there is a growing perception that the rivalry between Utah & BYU is pretty much dead. I disagree. It's not dead and will continue, even if it...

The sobs from Provo are strong tonight

Chin up, BYU. It's nothing personal. We just have to go out on our own now. You'll be fine. Promise.

Utah & BYU reach scheduling deal. Won't play in 2014 & '15, however

Utah & BYU reach a scheduling deal. However, they will take a break for the 2014 & 2015 seasons.

Expectations for 2012: The BYU game

Utah and BYU could be meeting for the final time in a while. Will the Utes win?

8:00 start time set for the BYU-Utah game that will air on ESPN2

The Pac-12 released a bit of its conference schedule today. Utah will kick off the very first Pac-12 Network game by hosting Northern Colorado at 5:15 Salt Lake time.

At any rate, the BYU-Utah rivalry is bound to die anyway

Utah hasn't quite outgrown its rival to the South, but that day will come and when it does, then we can move on and claim the rivalry dead. Until then? Keep it going.

Keep the rivalry, even if not annually

There is a lot of chatter about keeping the Utah-BYU rivalry. I say we must keep it, even if it means the two don't meet annually anymore.

Whittingham & BJ talk coaching changes, spring and BYU

Whittingham and Johnson discuss the progress seen this spring, the coaching changes and the potential end of the Utah-BYU rivalry.

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