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Texans Game One Thingy

I will start this week's "Thingy" with the not very well thought out power rankings... This week’s Arbitrary and Not Well Thought Out Power Rankings: Texans Comeback Victory via i...

Two guys fail in attempt to become NFL cheerleaders

Sacha Heppell Sacha Heppell and Dixon Hernandez had dreams of becoming NFL cheerleaders, but they were dashed this year when they both...

Gay cheerleader faces discrimination

A gay, mentally challenged, biracial high school student in Eastern Washington, Benjamin Grundy, is being told he cannot perform all of the routines with the girls on the squad. Instead, he's only...

Another kind of Dallas Cheerleaders

After that miserable performance by the Cowboys on Sunday, there isn't much to cheer about in Dallas today. But Dallas Pride Cheer is gearing up for a big gay-sports season, and they're looking for...

Mitcham, Neich named influential Aussies

Australia's big gay Web site SameSame has released their list of 2009's most influential gay Aussie, and Matthew Mitcham is one of the highlights. The Olympic gold medalist's story from 2008 still...

Cheerleaders in trouble for Jesus banners

A Chattanooga, Tenn., area cheerleading team has been ordered to stop printing Bible verses and religious messages on banners at school football games. Since 2003, the Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High...

Teacher fired after field trip to gay strip bar

A what-were-they-thinking? story from Ohio: A Butler County teacher has resigned after she admitted to taking a group of four female students [who are also cheerleaders] to a gay bar in Dayton. ...

Openly gay cheerleader in Aussie rugby

Meet Aaron Neich, 19, openly gay and the first male cheerleader for the Penrith Panthers rugby team. He was selected at an audition this weekend. One Aussie tab has already dubbed him the "Pink...

Pats cheerleader, penises and swastikas

Oh the blonde jokes that are popping into my head. Caitlin Davis was a New England Patriots cheerleader. Until she and some friends (allegedly) decided to draw penises and swastikas all over the...

Denver Broncos Cheerleaders Final Audition

Bronco Planet gives you a front row seat to the best cheerleader competition in the country. The Denver Broncos opened up the final round of cheerleader competition to the public and we were there to capture the moment for Broncos fans. Come enjoy these beautiful and very talented ladies as they put it all on the line for the hopes of being a Denver Broncos Cheerleader!

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