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**Vote for the new GOAL SONG**

OK so if they have to change the song for whatever PR reason I'm sure we'll at some point here in the near future they should at least let the fans vote. I remember at the old (continental...

Must support your Utes


Utah must win Saturday to save its season. You must also do your part. Show up. Wear black. Be loud.

It's time Utah football step up at home


Utah football just hasn't been the same at home since losing to TCU in 2010. Can they recapture their past success this season - and do they need to?

Grand Prix Final Thoughts and Results: Ladies Short


In skating order (full results below): Akiko Suzuki, Japan (57.54): Great start for Suzuki!!! Think the crowd was expecting a higher score...it was hard not to get excited about the way she was...

Golden West Update


Looks like Rachael Flatt easily won Golden West, per Jennifer Kirk's True/Slant blog. And I am very excited about the short program, because: In the past, Flatt hasn’t been the most exciting...

Ladies Worlds Preview


Well, let's not kid ourselves. I am going to go along with pretty much everyone else in the world and assume that the ladies world championship will be won by either Korea's Yu-na Kim or Japan's...

World Pairs Preview


The 2009 world championships pairs short program takes place tomorrow in Los Angeles. Here is a look at some of the top couples that will likely be contending for medals this week. I'm not going...

Oohhhh Snap


Todd Eldredge totally disses Johnny Weir and Evan Lysacek in this Denver Post article (also, after writing that sentence, I realized I am still in fifth grade). First, Eldredge answers the...

The Celebrity of Yu-Na Kim


Here's a cute article from JoongAng Daily that is worth a read just to get an idea of the mass celebrity of Yu-Na Kim: it’d only be a slight exaggeration to say all eyes will be fixed on this...

NHK Trophy Recap: Day One


The final Grand Prix event (other than the final!), the NHK Trophy, is underway in Tokyo, Japan. Day One of competition has been completed and here is a brief recap of the top performers. Ladies: J...

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