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On this date in WWF history: Sorry Rocky, it's not live, it's Memorex


Stone Cold and The Rock duke it out in this RAW segment from 1997.

Canucks Shut The Oil Rigs Down


Video highlights, shots on goal and boxscore for the Canucks-Oilers tilt

Field Hockey on Path to Greatness


One Virginia squad that has not received the media attention it really should is the Virginia Field Hockey team. While the football team is trying to make a comeback and impress any pair of eyes...

Utes stomp Frogs to open conference play


Utes roll TCU to start conference play.

TCU report card


Utah didn't play well. These grades will reflect that performance.

Did the '93 Holy War end the Cougar dynasty?


Utah won the 1993 Holy War on a last-minute kick. Did that victory bring about the downfall of BYU's dynasty?


Just throwing it out there

Could the Wolves offer Love and all their draft picks for the number one pick? They basically control the draft now.

The Hokies last lost to UVa in football 2,000 days ago


The Hokies have beaten UVa five consecutive times.

Sherman: Dbacks Loaded for Bear and Set to Dominate the NL


FoxSports column, originally printed in the NY Post, about the way Byrnes has built the team into a contender. Focuses especially on the threat to the Mets' attempt to take control of the National League. Even stretching the prospect base to the 25-and-under set to include Jose Reyes and David Wright, the Mets just do not have the breadth of young talent Arizona does. That is an issue moving forward. Because while the Mets' first order of business is taking care of the Phillies, Braves and the NL East, Arizona is beginning to look like the team to beat in the entire National League in 2008 ... and beyond. Arizona has five players 25 or younger in its everyday lineup: first baseman Conor Jackson, shortstop Stephen Drew, third baseman Mark Reynolds, center fielder Chris Young and right fielder Justin Upton. At 20, Upton is the youngest player in the majors and projected as the best of the group. You know your team has arrived when the New York media finally takes notice.

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