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McGuire merely the latest in a long Westwood line of star kickers

Quick little read on Fresno State's lone commit, kicker Colin McGuire. Interesting; I had thought DeRuyter had seen him during his time at Texas A&M, but that's not the case.

Dance Card: Fresno State, Western Athletic

Who? The Bulldogs of Fresno State. What? Oh, this is just adorable. And this is cool too. Where? Fresno, California, home of the first modern landfill. When? March 10th, at the Orleans Arena in Las...

Nevada Clinches At Least a Share of the WAC Crown After a 3OT Win Over Fresno State

After pulling out a triple overtime victory over Fresno State on Saturday night, the Nevada Wolf Pack clinched at least a share of the WAC regular season crown. There's a chance Fresno could get a chance at redemption once the WAC tournament begins, or they may have to wait until next season in MWC play. Also, I may or may not have posted this simply to rub it in ROFLCOPTER16's face.

Dave Schramm could be Fresno State's next OC

Tim DeRuyter, new head coach of the Fresno St. Bulldogs, has apparently offered Utah running back's head coach Dave Schramm the OC position there - and reports indicate he's accepted.

Week 1 SBNation Blogpoll Ballot

Here is the Wimple's week 1 ballot for the SBNation blogpoll, formerly the MGoBlog blogpoll. Again, the Wimple advocates (and practices) resume polling, which means my early ballots are going to...

The Carr Family Struggling to Let Go

Interesting read by Graham Watson about how the Carr's have been waiting for years to beat BSU

The OFD 2010 Bowl Preview Part I- Here We Go

I’m baaaaaack. After a month long adventure in the Southern California desert I am back in the friendly confines of OFD headquarters just in the nick of time for Bowl Season. A whopping 35...

Week 1 National Wrap Up- Buy Games Can Be Dangerous

Week one is in the books and if nothing else it was entertaining. There were a handful of good games and several buy games that floated by in the standard boring fashion. A couple of teams did...

Week 1 National Preview- Buy Games

We can finally start discussing some actual games! Each week during the season we will take a look around the country and discuss what we see as the games of interest. While the Notre Dame game...

A Look At Fresno State

The first kickoff of the 2010 Football season is just nine weeks away. With that in mind it is time to start looking into what UC will be up against this season starting with the season opening...

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