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Football at TCU

Here's an all-too-brief look at TCU's remarkable 100-plus years of football in Fort Worth. [Note: this summary (minus several photos, and more recent material) of TCU's football history was o...

Duncan: Hughes YES, Gerhart NO

Hughes a better fit, could make transition to OLB. @NolaWhoDat504 Everson griffen or jerry Hughes Projected 2nd-rounder; can't see Saints taking him there. @DCKizzia Any thoughts about Toby Gerhart? Any Saints interest at all? Bonus: Yes. Saints take BPA, prob OLB or DT. Don't rule out a CB. @YoderBros so does this [Wilkerson signing] take DE out of the picture at 32?

Farmer's mock by beat writers destroys Northfan's hard work


Northfan's Mock v3.0 gets put in its place (poop-can) by The Chicago Tribune writer's poll of the NFL teams' city newspaper beat writers. Triplett took Hughes for the Saints at 32. Suh went to the Lions at #2, the Raiders took Bruce Campbell at #8 (have a suck on that, CP) and Dave The Falconer is pleased with the Falcons pick of Weatherspoon at #19. And all is again right with the world.

TCU report card


Utah didn't play well. These grades will reflect that performance.

Morning paper: Boise State football links 12/23


We woke up feeling nervous today, but that was mostly because we left the stove on all night. We're pretty sure it had nothing to do with today's Poinsettia Bowl. Here's the rundown: We'll keep...

BSU offense vs. TCU defense: Let's get it on!


Today: BSU offense vs. TCU defense, Tomorrow: TCU offense vs. BSU defense, Friday: Intangibles vs. Tangibles If ESPN has yet to come up with publicity material for Tuesday's Poinsettia Bowl, we...

Jerry Hughes' kryptonite: smiling


TCU defensive end Jerry Hughes is one of the country's premier defensive players. He leads the nation with 14 sacks on the season, has been named to virtually everyone's All-America team, and is...

Opponent preview: Horned Frogs are scary, good


OBNUG’s game previews are written by reader-turned-contributor Stephen Grettenberg. Because not every article should contain pinings for Marty Tadman. Boise State vs. TCU I know many Bronco fans...

Block U's Conference Player of the Year Awards


Block U's 2008 Mountain West Conference Player of the Year Awards.

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