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McNair's Texans Worth A Lot Of Money


Money, money, money. The Houston Texans are still making lots of it despite their less-than-stellar 2013 season. Find out just how much they're making here.


BJ Young Signs 3-Year Deal With Houston Rockets

It appears @bjyoung_money11 is finally about to get some money.

Ducks Gameday: 8.25 Million Dollars


Blues @ Ducks, and what $8.25 million can buy you

TMZ angers Lenny Dykstra


With major league ballplayer-turned-financial wizard Lenny Dykstra's financial woes making news recently, the sight of a Rolls-Royce owned by Dykstra seemingly being repossessed might seem like...

Another stupid NCAA rule


I forgot to mention this when I wrote about my day at the first round of the NCAA Tournament held at the Wachovia Center but was reminded of it during the telecast of Villanova's Elite Eight...

Arena football latest victim of recession


A few days ago, the Arena Football League denied rumors that the 2009 season would be suspended due to the economic meltdown. A legitimate denial or just postponing the inevitable? Today, the...

NFL tickets for $6.50!


I recently read an item (I think it was at philly.com) about how Eagles fans interested in seeing a road game could do so a little more cheaply. The article suggested going to Cincinnati, as the...

The Haves Need Not Fear Recruiting Deregulation


Major conferences are lining up to stop the NCAA's deregulation of recruiting. Their worries are overblown.

Canada's New Banknotes Strike Some as Loonie


TORONTO—When Nicholos Billard's employer at an Ontario construction company gave him eight newly printed Canadian $100 bills as a Christmas bonus in 2011, he tossed them in an empty coffee can. The next morning, they were shriveled—by the heat of a nearby radiator, says his mother, who made local headlines when she tried to get the bills replaced. Canada started rolling out new, polymer-based $100 bills two years ago, followed by 50s and then, last November, 20s. The money—slick like a sheet of plastic, hard to fold and partly transparent—is more difficult to counterfeit than Canada's old paper-and-cotton bills. Australia and New Zealand have used similar, plasticized notes for years. The U.S. has no plans to introduce them. They've been a hard sell here so far, forcing the central bank to defend them against a growing list of allegations: They don't work in vending machines; they clump together; they melt. "I avoid getting those bills if I can," says Mr. Billard's mother, Mona. While the serial numbers on her son's bills were still legible, several banks refused to replace them, she said. Finally, last summer, the Bank of Canada, the central bank, exchanged them.

Slapstick Saturday: The Human Centipede Edition

What's hotter than shoving your face into the crotch of a sweaty wrestler? Having another sweaty wrestler ram you from behind. Duh!

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