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Pac-12 announcement today


The Pac-12 will be holding a press conference today to announce its plans for the expanding conference.

Pac-10 looking more at North/South divisions, Utah to be in the north


Current plans for the Pac-12 put Utah in a division with Colorado, Washington, Washington State, Oregon and Oregon State.

The rarity of a blowout conference loss could end when Utah moves to P-10


Utah's world was rocked by a blowout conference loss to the TCU Horned Frogs last year. Get used to it because those types of losses will become more commonplace in the Pac-10.

Nothin' but love for Utah at Pac-10 meeting


What do Pac-10 coaches think about Utah's move to their conference?

Biggest story lines heading into Mountain West media day?


Utah's final media day in the Mountain West is here. Will their departure dominate the discussion?

Continuing the Utah-BYU rivalry


The Holy War is one of college football's most contested rivalries. But will it last with Utah leaving the Mountain West?

Where I come from: Our expectations for 2010


Utah is only months away from kicking off its final season in the Mountain West. How will they do?

Utah to the Pac-10 timeline


Utah to the Pac-10 was an exhausting string of events. Relive them!

Conference expansion updates (and one rumor to throw out there)


Are the Utes set for the Pac-Twelve?

CBS 4 in Denver reporting Utah and Colorado to make up six-team division in new P12


Utah might not be officially in the P12, but divisions are already being made.

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