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ESPN's awesome breakdown of Spurs "motion weak" play

Edit: Oops. Duplicate. Original text: This is the key TP play that's the centerpiece of the shift from a Tim-centric "4 down" offense to an offense that's now run through Tony. The breakdown is great at showing all the options the Spurs have.

Does Defense Really Win Championships?

University of Chicago economist Tobias J. Moskowitz and Sports Illustrated's L. Jon Wertheim offer a scientific analysis of NFL games to challenge the conventional wisdom that "defense wins championships." Their empirical analysis examines only the NFL, but Joshua Cooper woud probably agree that offense and defense should receive equal weight when making predictions -- at least when it comes to making the NHL postseason. Lock up the Big Three if you want, Mr. Poile -- but at some point you're going to have to pay for some help up front!

Change at OC

I am good with McCoy staying. He just completed his first year of play calling and can only improve, but if he does become a head coach, who should we look at to replace him, and what style of offense?

Four Changes Mike Mularkey Needs To Make On Offense

Since I know several of you also take issue with the way the Falcons offense is run, I thought this may interest some of y'all. (Shameless Self Promotion!!!)

Since 2001, NBA teams now seek balance of offense, defense

It's taken 10 years but the NBA's new era has achieved its peak. Before 2001, teams were obsessed with crowding the paint defensively and isolating the best offensive players, which resulted in little movement of the ball. The rules changed in 2001 to open up the game offensively, and a decade later the transformation is complete: Offensive skills have been blended into the game so thoroughly that there is no longer a single championship contender that can be branded as an all-out defensive team. Think about it: When was the last time you couldn't find at least one stifling defensive team in contention for the title? Look around the league and name a title contender that possesses the mindset as well as the stoppers that strangle opponents defensively. For the first time since the emergence of the championship "Bad Boy" Pistons in the late 1980s, I can't name one.

Offensive/Defensive Efficiency

UM Hoops has a good article on the off./def. ratings per team. Purdue doing pretty well, at the top of the pack for now.

Georgia's defense is improving . . . and perhaps the Bulldogs' offense is, too?

Year2 looks at the numbers and makes this interesting point: "I don't know if we can chalk all of the improvement, especially in points, up to the defense alone. Georgia committed three turnovers in each of these games last year, as opposed to one turnover in each of this year's games. That helps out any defense. In addition, Georgia's punt coverage is a little more than four yards per punt better and its kickoff coverage went from allowing 25.71 yards per return in '09 to 17.57 per return this year. These two combined have resulted in about 40 yards of field position saved per game." It's worth the read. Go 'Dawgs!

Brian Johnson joins Utah football staff

Brian Johnson, the winningest quarterback in Utah football history and the 2008 Mountain West Conference Offensive Player of the Year, has joined the Ute staff as an assistant coach, head coach Kyle Whittingham announced today. Johnson will oversee the quarterbacks and fills a vacancy left by J.D. Williams, who accepted a position with UNLV after one year as Utah's cornerbacks coach. "The addition of Brian Johnson to our coaching staff is a huge positive for our program," says Whittingham. "Brian was an outstanding player for us, has natural leadership ability and possesses a complete understanding of the game. Brian's intelligence, knowledge of the quarterback position and tireless work ethic will help make his transition into coaching a smooth one. Our players respect and admire Brian, and they will respond well to him in his new role."

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