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Rivals ranks Utah 26th in their preseason poll

About where I expect them to start the season in the real rankings (26th-30th).

Vote for Coach Whitt!

I'm not sure how long this poll will remain on the front of ESPN's College Football page, but right now they're asking where Whittingham should rank among college coaches. Yeesh, talk about a run-on sentence. Anyway, vote for Whittingham. Right now, 30% of voters put him in the top-20, 28% outside the top-20, 20% in the top-15, 17% in the top-10 and only 5% in the top-5.

Best team in state history...

Do I have impeccable timing or what? Just a couple days after asking this, ESPN decided to make it official. So now the official poll is up. Go vote. Right now, 2008 Utah is winning nationally and locally. While you're there, also vote for Urban Meyer/ Ron McBride over LaVell Edwards. Why? Because.

Utes ranked 21st by Athlon

You may think the bright afterglow of the Utes’ spanking of Alabama in last year’s Sugar Bowl was a precursor to a dimming of the program’s fortunes, but you would be dead wrong. The Utes have a whole lot of talent returning, and if either Corbin Louks or junior college import Terrance Cain can grab the starting quarterback job, there’s no reason Utah can’t roll through the Mountain West once again. It may be asking too much for another BCS bid and a burst of legislative anger over the inequities of the bowl system, especially with a game at Oregon, but the Utes will be good. Their defense returns a ton of talent, especially along the front seven. Running back Matt Asiata has the burst and power to gain 1,000 yards, if he can keep a pack of worthy competitors off the field. Utah lost a bunch of receivers, but the newcomers may be even better.

Utes 25th in AP-Top 25

First time since the 2005 season they've been ranked!

Fire Ludwig!

Actually, no, go vote for him here as offensive coordinator of the year!

Utes 8th and 7th in the Media and Coaches Poll.

Utah has moved up in both polls, coming in at 8th and 7th after defeating TCU. That loss dropped TCU to 15th in the Media Poll and 18th in the Coaches. BYU is 16th in the Media and 14th in the Coaches.

Utes remain 9 and 10 in both polls.

No movement, though Boise State passed the Utes in the Media Poll.

Utes 12th in both polls

Utah is ranked 12th in both polls, moving 2 spots up in the media and one spot in the coaches. TCU is now ranked 15th in both polls, while BYU is 18th in the media and 17th in the Coaches.

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