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"Do Something": A common lament for losing teams but not great advice for resolving actual problems


I think a lot of us at AIH are on-board with the idea that the Jets are on the right track, but this is worth the read because it's Jonathan Willis and it's a great point to reiterate. It's especially important because I think there are still some Jets fans who think that big moves need to be made. I can't say this enough: we knew this was a fringe team going into the year - only the most delusional thought this would be a surefire, top-level team. There's some talent to build on, we'll have talent coming via the draft...chill. Should be easy to do that in Winnipeg.

Dallas Stars Daily Links: Sheldon Souray Returns To Edmonton


The Dallas Stars defenseman returns to his old stomping grounds and an uncertain reception and other news and notes from around the NHL.

Dallas Stars Daily Links: Wild Respond After Ott-Powe Fight While Stars Remain Flat


The Minnesota Wild picked up their game emotionally after a second period skirmish while the Stars did not and other news and notes from around the NHL.


5 Degrees of Byron Mullens (aka Why the Plan is Working)

via media.oregonlive.com Paul Allen's loss is our gain. Let's play 5 Degrees of Kevin Bacon. I'll start with D.J. White Byron Mullens we'll eventually get to Paul Allen. Fun right? You...

For hope, look to Indiana


Utah basketball is at its lowest level ever. Four years ago, Indiana basketball hit its lowest level ever. Now they're back to being competitive and respectable. Can the Utes chart a similar path?


Players are leaving. Better start believing

via www.albany.com

Playing 'Loose'? Does It Exist?


Playing 'Loose'? Does It Exist? A look at the #Isles in March/April

Krystkowiak has inherited a mess of a program


Utah basketball is in a sorry state and it might just take Krystkowiak years to get the program back to respectability.

The Positively Depressing Alleged Downfall of the Utah Hoops Program


Utah basketball has been in a steady decline ever since its run to the NCAA title game. How'd the downfall happen and is it correctable - or is the program doomed?

Jim Boylen and the state of Utah basketball


Jim Boylen's Utes are once again an inconsistent bunch. Is it lack of experience or is it more?

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