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Should the Pac-12 play 8 conference games?


The conference is potentially looking at going to an eight-game conference schedule. Could it be the right move?

The Utah-UCLA game to air on FOX

UPDATE: Apparently, a FOX station jumped the gun when they released this information. An official announcement has yet to be made. Utah has picked up another nationally televised game, as FOX...

A final word on the Utah-BYU rivalry


Utah isn't the bogeyman for preserving its self-interests. Even so, fans do have a right to be legitimately disappointed the rivalry is taking a hiatus after 2013.

This year's summer blockbuster: The Complainers


The local sports media has dropped the ball on this whole Utah-BYU rivalry hiatus. Instead of offering a true debate, they've given us nothing more than a hyperbole, emotionally-driven scream-fest....

Don't throw dirt on the Holy War grave just yet


The Holy War is dead. Long live the Holy War. It seems there is a growing perception that the rivalry between Utah & BYU is pretty much dead. I disagree. It's not dead and will continue, even if it...

The sobs from Provo are strong tonight


Chin up, BYU. It's nothing personal. We just have to go out on our own now. You'll be fine. Promise.

Utah & Michigan officially schedule a home-and-home


Utah & Michigan officially ink deal that will bring the Wolverines to SLC in 2015.

Iowa State and Utah could drop game next year; what does it mean for the Holy War in '11?


Iowa State and Utah may drop their 2011 game. Does this provide a small opening for the Holy War?

LSU added to basketball schedule


Mike Lewis is reporting over at the Tribune that LSU has been added to next year's men's basketball schedule. The two-game deal was finalized today and has the Tigers traveling to Salt Lake first...

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