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Hogs vs Mizzou Officially Slated For November 28th

The Razorbacks will stay on the Friday after Thanksgiving


Nebraska to play Oregon in 2016 and 2017

I'm not going to pretend to be pleased by this. The Tennessee series (which I was really looking forward to) is moved back a decade to the late 2020s. Meanwhile, we're saddled with what for now...

'14 Football Schedule - Hogs/LSU not on T'Giving


Goodbye Thanksgiving game with LSU. Goodbye annual game with South Carolina. [Seinfeld to Newman voice} Hello, Mizzou.

SEC Spring Meetings: What To Watch For


SEC coaches and administrators are in Destin this week and are scheduled to find time to work in between normal Destin activities. Here's what is expected to be discussed and how the conversations could affect the future of the conference.

Should the Pac-12 play 8 conference games?


The conference is potentially looking at going to an eight-game conference schedule. Could it be the right move?

What's The Hold-up With Arkansas and Texas Tech?


With rumors leaking this week of a possible home-and-home with Texas Tech up the road, it's important to understand why Arkansas can't commit to the game yet. Hint: it may have something to do with...

Badgers to Play Alabama in 2015?

Reports have Wisconsin set to open 2015 in Dallas against the perennial national championship contenders.

Wisconsin, BYU Agree On Home-And-Home Series

The Badgers are already slated to host the Cougars at Camp Randall Stadium next season, but now the two schools will meet again in 2017 and 2018.

Letter from Oregon Ducks Athletic Director Rob Mullens Concerning Late Kickoff Times


With the announcement of the Washington Huskies game start time early today, the University of Oregon Football team will play 3 straight games at the 7:30pm timeslot. Obviously this puts a damper on folks who are traveling to the games but if 7:30pm is starting to become the new Duck Power Hour, what will you do to adjust to the new reality?

We Totally Got Hosed on the Schedule


Connor Shaw can barely raise his throwing arm. Darn the SEC for abandoning the sacred tradition of letting Georgia play South Carolina early in the season! Go 'Dawgs!

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