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Breakers 2013 Season Recap: A Season of Adversity

Despite missing out on the 2013 NWSL playoffs, the Breakers deserve a final word. Our 2013 season recap sums up the good, the bad and the future while displaying our 2013 player awards.

Poll Results: Worst Loss


Along with Flop of the Season, the results of which will run tomorrow afternoon on Paisley Gates, Worst Loss represents what seems like something of a bygone era of the 2010-2011 season. Like those...

Georgia Tech and Utah similar foes


Georgia Tech & Utah have had similar seasons, albeit a bit opposite of each other. It's remarkable how similar these two teams are...so, something has to give this week. Who wins?

So, all things considered, how was Utah's inaugural Pac-12 season?


Utah football came a victory away from winning the Pac-12 South. Yet the season had its struggles. Overall, what would you grade the Utes' inaugural Pac-12 season?

VIDEO: ESPN.com's Ted Miller discusses Arizona's season.


Ted Miller takes the stance (non-stance?) that Arizona's season is neither good nor bad, and the final verdict is dependant on the Alamo Bowl outcome.

2009's season is over. Was it as good for you as it was for me?


The 2009 season is in the books. How would you grade it?

Season Recap - Jason Hart


For a team that prides itself in stability , the signing of Jason Hart didn't make much sense for the Jazz. First, I never thought I'd see the Jazz sign someone who has been one of the most...

Season Recap - Ronnie Brewer


I promise to have these recaps done before the 2008-2009 season starts. Up next, #9. The biggest benefactor of Derek Fisher leaving for LALA land was Ronnie Brewer. He showed a lot of promise...

Avalanche Season Recap Part II: Who's In Your Five?


I could do player-by-player report cards, or some other detailed, highly quantitative analysis of individual performances this year.  But I'm not going to do that, because other people (see: Draft...

Avalanche Season Recap Part I: Some Numbers


First of all, I'm sure the illustrious Draft Dodger will be posting oodles of great statistical summaries over the next few days/weeks here and at ITCS to help us all wrap our little heads around...

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