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Texas Basketballplays UConn, Stanford next season

Texas basketball announced most of their non-conference schedule for the 2014-15 and the defending national champion Connecticut Huskies are on the slate.

Texas OG Trey Hopkins to Visit Eagles

Texas offensive guard Trey Hopkins will reportedly meet with the Eagles for a pre-draft visit.

UT redemption tour? Kevin Dunn talks Augieball.

Longhorn Network's baseball play-by-play man Kevin Dunn sits down with Barking Carnival to talk about the 2014 season and the state of the Texas baseball program.

Texas Volleyball loses assistant to Penn State

The rich get richer as Salima Rockwell returns to her alma mater.

WVU related GIFS

Gifs that never saw the light of day. But gifs worth a look

#1 Arkansas Track Saws Off Texas' Horns

The Razorback track team is doing exactly what it's supposed to do. Be #1. And beat Texas. Always feels good to beat Texas in anything. It barely matters that they're #3. At least they were #3. Maybe not anymore.

New Tunnel Entrance Video 2012 (with sound)

New Tunnel Entrance Video 2012 (with sound)

If you're bored, here is the Texas vs Okie State game in 2007, where we came back from 24 down in...

If you're bored, here is the Texas vs Okie State game in 2007, where we came back from 24 down in the fourth to win it. Not sure why I wanted to watch this again, but it was amusing. Video quality isn't great though. A few notable things: -This was easily Colt's roughest year, yet his QB play is light years ahead of what we've seen the past two. -Jamaal Charles is really fast. His 75 yard run in the fourth is one of my favorites. -Huge drops in the second half from both Cosby and Shipley. Nobody is perfect. -Texas gained over 300 yards in one quarter after having only like 270 after three. All three 4th quarter touchdown drives went the length of the field, so it's not like the Pokes were doing stupid things and gifting the Horns with good field position. -Mack Brown looked almost guilty we won that game, similar to how Nick Saban was decidedly unexcited about the Bluegrass Miracle. Probably not the type of win most coaches want.

Revisiting Our Pre-Season West Virginia Preview

The Texas Longhorns welcome the West Virginia Mountaineers to the Big 12 for what was supposed to be a strength versus strength battle, but while Geno Smith has more than done his part, the Texas defense has been a ghost in September.

The Night Game Multiplier: Your trip to the Grove just got a lot more interesting

ESPN announced that the Texas / Ole Miss game in Oxford on 9/15 will be at 8:15 CST. The only question is whether you will still be standing. If you don't already have plans to be there and are lacking the convenient excuse of recently acquiring a newborn, your priorities in life need to be reexamined. There are other jobs and families to come home to should yours end up needing to be replaced. Given that the first two games of the season will be aired on the Longhorn Network, this will be the first chance for many to see your 2012 Big 12 Champion Longhorns. That's not a prediction. It's a guarantee. Just as long as we can solve our fullback quandary. You diggs? And there's an awesome slate of afternoon games to watch whilst crushing Keystone tallboys and elevator eye humping the nearest McKenzie with your brohost, Brodie Pomeroy, in the KA tent. (Contact BC Tours if you need an assist.) Florida-Tennessee - 5:00 on ESPN (lead-in to Horns game) USC-Stanford - 6:30 on FSN ND-Mich State - 7:00 on ABC Are you ready for some football?

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