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Kings Gameday: So, So, So Sorry


Oh please forgive me, Doug Wilson

30 things you can blame when your team loses


It's never your team's fault.

This year's summer blockbuster: The Complainers


The local sports media has dropped the ball on this whole Utah-BYU rivalry hiatus. Instead of offering a true debate, they've given us nothing more than a hyperbole, emotionally-driven scream-fest....

Brandon Gurney whines an epic whine over Jonryheem Peoples


BYU commit Jonryheem Peoples decides he'd rather be a Ute instead and that leads Brandon Gurney to whine, whine, whine...

Texas vs. Kansas Post Mortem: Grades Are In


I’ve talked about the last five minutes of the game, the second half at length, and my random thoughts as whole so please consider that an addendum to the post mortem. As always I’ll grade the...

Vilma Responds to Peterson's Claim of Dirty Play


"Vilma says grabbing powerful, agile running backs around their ankles is sometimes the best way to tackle them." I guess Peterson somehow doesn't understand why people might try to grab him around his ankles...

Rangers 13, Orioles 7: Instead of a game recap, enjoy this useless complaining


Great couple of games, huh? It's funny, I know that you guys, of all people, can relate to what I'm about to say. You're here, after all. You're paying attention to the Orioles at a time when most...

Interleague Play Whining


Click on the header to get the interleague standings added on the link. Phillies = 1 behind the Dodgers in the loss column with 5 to play. Interleague records? Dodgers 9-9; Phillies 6-12. Division play creates intraleague inequities, but adding an additional layer via interleague just makes it worse, IMHO. Feel free to whine now. I just did.

The Scheduling Guy is a Jerk


The Kings get screwed over by the scheduling people, no one but me cares.

Whining about the PI


I'll give Beaver fans credit, most seem to have moved beyond blaming the refs for their loss Thursday. However, there seems to be an abnormally high amount of Cougar fans who still believe the game...

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