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Bruce Boudreau licking his chops

Has anyone else noticed, that after wins particularly, during post game interviews Bruce is always licking his chops and smacking his lips. You can hear it, very annoying. I know that he is probably craving some Häagen-Dazs but it is public speaking 101 not to chew gum and do stuff like that. Either way, great win, Go Caps!

Fighting and Win %

Since the lockout the Maple Leafs have the worst winning percentage (0.359) in all of hockey during games they're involved in a fight. Other notable details: Detroit has only been in a fight in 14.4% of their games, compare that to Anaheim who have the most with 54.6% of their games containing scraps. The Capitals win percentage plummets if they're involved in at least one fight from 0.498 to 0.393. I'm not sure what conclusions to make of this. The LA Kings improve their win percentage by the most, a 0.085 increase, if they dropped their gloves in a game. Note: This doesn't include this year as I don't have the data yet, though a manual count could be pretty easily done for the Leafs. Also my data seems to be missing two games somewhere. I'll be extending my research to determine the game score situations with which these fights take place.

Tailgate Photo Contest to win NFL tickets

Giant Eagle is having a Tailgate Showdown contest to see which team’s fans have the most spirit – and you could win Steelers tickets! You just need to submit a picture of your tailgate and show how awesome it is. Check it out on the Giant Eagle Facebook page.

Bittersweet return for Bobcats' McEndoo

A look into the other team. Warning for you all hard core coug fans. You may not like what you read.

Carey Price for Vezina!

Fast forward to 1:30 Forget SV%, GAA, or Total Shots faced, the new Vezina Trophy golden stat is Tim-Thomas-Lunges-At-Puck-Carrier-Attmepts Tim Thomas v. Sean Avery Tim Thomas v. Jason Blake Carey Price: 1 Ryan Miller: 0
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