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Mountain West Power Rankings

After an unintended break of three weeks, here are the new Mountain West Power Rankings.

Update [2006-10-12 19:13:26 by JazzyUte]: I forgot to list UNLV, though totally unintentional, you can see why it could possibly happen. I mean, it's UNLV we're talking about here!

  1. TDS - This is always tough to put your rival up at the top, but I can't really put the Utes here. Both TDS and Utah are 2-0 in conference play with both wins coming over TCU and San Diego State. Both have the exact same record, with their lone out of conference win coming against Utah State University. However TDS hasn't lost in nearly a month, while the Utes are still paying for their loss to Boie State. Yet TDS' loss to Arizona only looks more pathetic as the season goes on.
  2. Utah - What said above applies here. Utah could make a move toward the top spot if they win Saturday, since TDS has a bye week. Their win over TCU was a big one and something they need to build on.
  3. Air Force - I probably would have put Air Force at #1 if they had knocked off Navy, but I can't now that they're 2-2. Though they are 2-0 in conference play, both wins have come against a bad New Mexico team and a mediocre Wyoming one. If the Falcons are for real, we'll start seeing it in the coming weeks. But as of right now, I think 3rd is about right.
  4. CSU - Colorado State has the best record of any conference team, but also have had the easiest schedule. They have wins over three D1-A opponents that have won a combined 2-games the entire season. And they were completely dominated on the road against an average Nevada team. Next week will be their biggest test of the season and if they can get a win against Air Force, I may change my tune.
  5. TCU - Poor Frogs! Last time we checked in on the Mountain West teams, they were #1. Now, they're stuck at the bottom of the conference standings and toward the middle of our rankings. They were the preseason favorites to win the conference and now are done in that regard.
  6. New Mexico - Since the 2002 season, New Mexico has averaged 7-wins and 5-losses. They're already sitting at 4-losses with 6 games left on the schedule. This is a rebuilding year and the Lobos will most likely have their first losing season since the 2000 campaign.
  7. Wyoming - Poor Joe Glenn. Two years ago he was at the top of the world after leading the Cowboys to their first bowl win in 38-years and now he's looking at back-to-back losing seasons. Not counting the Cowboys' 7-5 season in 2004, Glenn has a career record of 10-19 (.344) in 2 1/2 seasons with Wyoming. I think he's a good coach, but it must be difficult getting talent to commit to Laramie.
  8. UNLV - UNLV hasn't had a win over a D1-A team in 9-games. Maybe that'll change this week against New Mexico.
  9. SDSU - Want Tom Craft back? At least Craft won games, Chuck Long isn't even good at that. Ok, they've had some injuries, but c'mon, they lost to freaking San Jose State! And I thought San Diego State was a sleeping giant this year? Guess I overestimated that program.