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Utah football, embracing mediocrity one bad loss at a time

Boy, what a game! Not only did the Utes lose to a pretty bad Wyoming team, they got their clocks cleaned. Nothing about today's massacre in Laramie is worth talking about, so I won't bore you with a rehash of the dreadful performance.

I will however talk about how this team might be the worst Utah team I've ever seen. Yes, I'm also including the abysmal 4-7 team from 2000, because at least Utah contended in all 7 losses. Today, there would be no contending by the Utes, rather an embarrassing loss in a season of, well, embarrassing losses. Today's game, if you can call it that, not only made me utterly sick to my stomach, it made my balls ache. And you know what? I'm tired of getting kicked in the balls by Utah football. If this is what Whittingham meant when he talked about "keeping it rolling", I'd hate to see what an admitted rebuilding season looks like under his leadership.

Now, I'm not too irrational, I don't think anyway, so I'm not going to call for Hill to throw down the gauntlet and end the Whittingham regime. However, I think it's safe to say that his seat went from toasty to pretty damn hot. And I'm content with that, because we can't embrace mediocrity and sadly that's the route Whittingham is taking us down. Except I fear we'll skip the exit to mediocrity and plunge right into the abyss of college football. Ah, who would have thought that after the two greatest years in Utah football history, the Chuck Stobart coaching days would return up on the Hill?

Coach, I've said I like you, but this game isn't about who has the most gracious smile, or is the easiest to be around. It's about winning and in that department, you've failed.