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Right this sinking ship!

It's an ugly season that could get a lot uglier this Thursday night if the Utes don't make the needed adjustments. Sadly, from what I can gather this coaching staff isn't high on adjustments. Coach Whitingham has all but said Brett Ratliff will start this Thursday and I'm expecting a pass happy offense to go along with his decision. That could create more problems, because the Lobos are known for their strong defenses under head coach Rocky Long.

While I think a win is attainable, nothing short of utter domination would pull me up from the dredges. This team has shown zero consistency this entire season and I fear the next two games will give me and other Utah fans a false hope that maybe things have turned around. Since the Lobos game is winnable and next week the Utes play UNLV, anything less than 1-1 would be grounds for dismissal of this coaching staff.

In my second half preview I thought Utah would most likely win at least 4 more games. Now I realize I was unrealistically optimistic and wouldn't be surprised if the Utes LOST 4 or more games to end the year.

New Mexico will be a tough test for the Utes and it's a must win game because a loss would most likely do away with their bowl hopes. I don't want to sound like a bad fan, but I'm becoming very apathetic to whether we lose or not. Deep down I know if we win it could give Coach Whittingham reason enough to trust his assistants for at least another year. However losing could back Whittingham into a corner and force his hands at a change. I love watching my Utes win, but if we have to burn this village to save it, then maybe I'm all for it.

The only way I could consider supporting the idea of Ludwig returning would be if Utah won the rest of their games. And even then I'd question whether this Utah team is heading in the right direction. With that said, this program will probably finish with 5-7 wins on the season and that won't cut it, especially after all the talk we heard prior to the season about how good Utah would be.

I'd love nothing more than for Ludwig to prove me wrong. I just don't see it happening, which sucks because I hate this defeatist attitude.