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Mountain West Power Rankings

Utah sucks, the conference pretty much sucks, so this mean Utah really sucks. They probably suck more than [insert porno joke here]. Here's to them not sucking more than the Lobos Thursday night.

Last week's rankings.

Here are the rankings.

  1. Air Force - It looks like the title race will come down to Air Force and TDS. The Falcons defeated Colorado State last Thursday after getting into a bit of a hole early on. The win gave Air Force a 3-2 record and most importantly a 3-0 conference record. Maybe it was premature to write Coach DeBerry off. Then again, they still have 5 games left to play and anything can happen.
  2. TDS - They had a bye week, but look for them to continue rolling through the conference. Their toughest games left are at Colorado State and at Air Force. Win both, and nothing stands between them and the conference championship, sadly.
  3. Wyoming - Cowboys started out slow, but after some tough close losses, they're looking pretty good. Last week they dominated a clearly overmatched Utah team and while they're not good enough to contend for the conference, they should have no problem finishing in the 3-4 range.
  4. Colorado State - Tough loss on the road to Air Force after having a large halftime lead. The Rams aren't a great team, but decent enough in conference where they should have no problem dispatching the likes of Utah, New Mexico and San Diego State.
  5. TCU - I think the Frogs will bounce back and make some noise later on. They're not a bad team and had a hiccup against Utah, but they'll get things going again. Patterson is too good of a coach to allow a replay of 2004.
  6. New Mexico - Lobos aren't that great this year, but they've shown some signs of progress. They defeated UTEP, barely lost to Missouri and typically improve as the year goes on.
  7. Utah - They're bad. I don't know what else to say about this Utah team, but from top to bottom they're just not very good. Coaching is a problem, talent is a problem and I don't see things changing. The New Mexico game will be big, but even a win there will most likely not be enough to keep the Utes from toiling in mediocrity this season.
  8. UNLV - UNLV played a good game against New Mexico, but they're still awful. Sanford still looking for his first D1-A win of the season.
  9. San Diego State - This may be the worst Aztecs team in modern history and Chuck Long has definitely backed himself into a corner. They should not be winless, especially after going 5-7 last season.
Did I mention the Utes suck?