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What to expect the rest of the season

I'm upset with how this season has progressed because I really believed the Utes had a shot at winning the conference championship. And though they're not technically out of the race, it would take a lot for them to climb back into it. So what can we expect from Utah the rest of the season, or at least what should our expectations be? I think it's 7 wins and nothing less. However I also support the idea of shaking things up in the offseason, even if Utah wins out -- which is not bloody likely.

The Utes have a tough schedule remaining, but there isn't one team they can't beat. UNLV should be a win and if the Utes happen to screw that up and lose, the entire coaching staff should be handed their pink slips as they're exiting the field. Colorado State will be a tough game, but it's at home and the Rams aren't much offensively. If this were being played in Fort Collins, I would expect a loss, but since it's in Salt Lake -- where the Utes are actually 2-1 this season, I think they win. That's where it gets tricky, as Utah plays a tough game against Air Force and then finishes the season up at home against BYU. Both could be losses, but also could be wins if the Utes play like they did in the first half against New Mexico. With the season's original goals pretty much gone, it's imperative the Utes build momentum to finish the year. If the Utes can win 7-8 games to finish the year, I will feel a bit better about where we are as a program.

Looking at the schedule, Utah has the talent to win at least 7 games and if they do not, it'll be because the coaches aren't getting it done. For all the problems this team has, it should not cost them games against UNLV and Colorado State. Right now I can accept losing to Air Force and BYU [Holy hell, did I just say that?], but only because they seem to be better off than Utah at this point. With that said, I still won't condone losing to either because I still do not buy that they have more talent than the Utes. The problem with Utah this season has been their inability to bounce back when faced with adversity, whether it's in a game or throughout the season.

Utah is not a good team, but they're also not in a very good conference. That is pretty much the only reason I expect this team to at least finish above .500 on the season and lose no more than 3 conference games. If they can't even do that, then we're in deeper trouble than any of us thought.

What are your thoughts and expectations for the rest of the season? If Utah wins out, will your perception of this coaching staff improve? Can the Utes turn it around and finish with 7-8 wins and beat BYU?