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Whittingham calls fans spoiled

In yesterday's Salt Lake Tribune, Whittingham is quoted as saying the following.

"The fans here have been spoiled," he said. "The bottom line is they got spoiled in '03 and particularly in '04. We're just going to have to keep working and keep trying to get back to our winning ways."

Bad choice of words, Mr. Whittingham. The fans weren't spoiled by Urban Meyer, however they are being soiled by the current Utes. Now I understand Meyer came into Salt Lake and dominated, but I've not met many fans that expected Whittingham to keep it going that well. What I did meet however were fans that expected Utah to compete and beat the likes of San Diego State, Colorado State, Wyoming and New Mexico, all teams they've lost to since Whittingham took over in 2005. Maybe we were spoiled by what happened under Urban Meyer, but it doesn't mean we should accept this team's current struggles.

When Kyle lashes out at the fans like this, it only turns them off. We don't want to be told how spoiled we are and that should never be an excuse for why we're struggling. When Ray Giacoletti struggled last year, he never once said the fans were spoiled by great Utah basketball programs of the past. And that excuse made more sense, since Utah basketball is the 10th winningest program in college basketball history. Utah's short two year run under Meyer was nice, but it definitely wasn't a trend and Utah fans knew that. But what shouldn't be the trend is the sloppy play we're seeing under Whittingham and that has nothing to do with being spoiled. We're not spoiled for wanting better football and we're not spoiled for expecting the Utes to go out and defeat the likes of Wyoming and New Mexico.

If Kyle Whittingham thinks the fans are spoiled, it's only because he's failed to keep up the promises he made heading into the season. It was Whittingham that talked about Utah having the best quarterback problem in the nation. It was Whittingham talking about how Utah had the best receiving core in the conference and it was Whittingham that made it sound like the Utes would pick right up from where they left off in 2004. Coach, don't bitch when the fans talk about high expectations when you're spending the entire offseason fueling them. Utah fans don't expect you to go undefeated, or even dominate every game like Urban Meyer did in 2004. We do expect you to compete in every game, win the conference and compete for the top-25. Right now this team is far from doing any of those and that blame falls on your shoulders, not the fans' shoulders because you think they're spoiled and unrealistic in their expectations.

If Whittingham continues to cry over what the fans think, then maybe he should return to his coordinator position because it's obvious he's not getting it done as a head coach. College football isn't for the weak of heart and right now Whittingham is acting like a baby that's completely confused about how to fix the problems his team has. Utah isn't going to pull a 2004 every year and I know it. But that doesn't mean Utah can't win this conference and finish with a top-25 ranking. Those expectations aren't from a spoiled fan, they're from a realistic one. Maybe Whittingham should realize the difference.