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Dominant win over an unimpressive opponent

First Second Third Fourth
UNLV 0 3 3 17
First Second Third Fourth
Utah 0 24 21 0

Utah did what they should have done in their 45-23 win over UNLV. Sadly, I'm still not sure where this Utah team stands because UNLV may be the worst team on their schedule this season (and that includes a schedule of Utah State, Northern Arizona and San Diego State).

Utah played well and so did Ratliff, who went 19 of 23 for 268 yards and four touchdowns, and the Utes were pretty much in control of the entire game. The win is the Utes 11th straight over UNLV and gets Utah within one game of bowl eligibility. But even with the victory, I can't help but feel Utah's not over the hump yet. The game wasn't without its faults, as Utah was only clinging to a 10-3 lead late in the second quarter before a few key plays turned the tide. Yet a win is a win and in a season where they're a rarity, I'm not about to complain about it. Now the Utes get a week off before their game against Colorado State in Salt Lake City. With only three games left on the schedule, Utah is pretty much out of the conference race (unless BYU loses to CSU and the Utes win out), but can still salvage a season by finishing with an 8-4 record. Is that possible? Probably not, but stranger things have happened.

As for the play calling, I think it was good, but it's also hard to get a feel of good play calling against a bad team like UNLV. This was pretty much a game Utah needed to win and win in dominate fashion because anything close would have me teetering on the edge of insanity. I'll have more on the game Monday, but let's hope Utah gets this thing turned around.