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What we know about Utah football going into the bye week

I hate bye weeks, especially bye weeks following a loss. Thankfully that isn't the case this week, but it's not like a win over UNLV has me brimming with confidence. But with a bye week, it gives me a chance to evaluate Utah's season up to this point and where I see them going the rest of the way.

I've been very vocal in my criticism of this year's Utah team. With that said, I'm not about to throw my hands up and concede the season, because I feel there is at least something to play for (a strong finish, which could help next year). Yet I'm not blind and this team has really underperformed in games against UCLA, Boise State, Wyoming and New Mexico. Now while I can accept a defeat at the hands of UCLA and Boise State, I'm still finding it a difficult time accepting losses to Wyoming and New Mexico. Those losses pretty much sum up Utah's season and it's something that needs to change, or we're in for a long 3 games after this bye week.

So what do we know?

  1. Utah can beat up on poor teams, as evident in their wins against NAU, Utah State, San Diego State and UNLV.
  2. Utah gets beat up on by better teams, as evident in their losses to UCLA and Boise State.
  3. Utah can't defeat teams with equal to lesser talent on the road. As evident in their losses against Wyoming and New Mexico -- both on the road.
  4. Maybe that TCU win was a fluke, as I've seen nothing to prove that Utah is capable of defeating a healthy TCU team.
Outside of that, there are probably more questions today than there were at the start of the season. I think Utah is a good home team, a weak road team and a team that folds it up if they get down too early in a game. Basically, Utah is probably exactly as good as their record indicates. They're an average team in an average conference and nothing more. The problem here is that I do not believe, as a whole, their talent is average compared to other conference foes. The only two teams that I think have more talent than Utah are BYU and TCU, but even there it's still fairly close. That means in the end that the mediocre play probably has been because of mediocre coaching. That needs to change in the next 3 games, or Utah will most likely finish at, or below, .500. That's something to ponder this bye week and maybe the coaching staff and players will do just that.