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Go Aggies!

While Utah State is Utah's rival, in fact a rivalry which stretches back further than TDS, I can't help but smile when they win. See, I just can't hate them like I do our rivals to the south. Mostly because I look at them as Utah's younger brother and it's tough to hate your younger brother, even after a typical brotherly squabble. So I couldn't help but enjoy their win over the perceived non-BCS power Fresno State. The victory was the biggest to date for head coach Brent Guy and could possibly mean the Aggies are turning it around up there in Logan.

While I didn't see the game, from what I can gather, Fresno State pretty much sucks this season. So much for all that hype built after their near upset of USC last year. Since losing to USC 42-50, the Bulldogs have gone 1-8 and may go 1-11 before it's all said and done with games against Hawaii, LSU and Boise State. Wow, and I thought Utah's season was done after our Boise State loss. I guess there is a reason why I've questioned Pat Hill's ability to rally his troops after a tough loss. Every season, like clock work, the Bulldogs pack it up when they lose a close game or a game they shouldn't. The only problem for the Bulldogs is that it happened at the start of the season and not the middle where it usually begins.

A good win for the Aggies and one they could build on. After struggling early on in this season, things may be on the upswing...or this was just another case of Fresno State sucking it up again.