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Utes steamroll CSU, become bowl eligible

Here's a shocker, Utah's offense actually played a decent game against a solid Colorado State defense. The Rams, who have not given up 30 or more points the entire season, watched as Utah's offense dispensed of that defense, scoring 35 points on way to a 35-22 victory. The win gives Utah their 6th of the season, making them bowl eligible for the fourth straight season.

I actually think Utah played fairly well and the final score makes the game look much closer than it really was, as the Rams scored a touchdown with less than a minute left. The Utes did struggle early, letting the Rams erase a 14-0 deficit, but dominated the second half, only allowing 10 points and nearly shutting CSU out in the fourth quarter before their last minute touchdown.

I'm not sure what to take from this game, but if the Utes can play this well on offense the rest of the season, things should be ok. I hope it wasn't just a fluke, because I think Ratliff looked pretty darned good, especially when you considered the Rams have a pretty good defense.

This was a good win and I hope it can carry Utah to three more victories to end the season.