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Are the Utes bowl worthy?

With their victory over CSU Saturday afternoon, the Utes became bowl eligible for the fourth consecutive year. Yet a lot of this is because of their victory over D1-AA Northern Arizona earlier this season. While wins against D1-AA opponents do count toward bowl eligibility, I do find going the D1-AA route to get that 6th win is pretty pathetic. So, are the Utes bowl worthy? I'll say no, at least not yet.

Utah's schedule this season wasn't that difficult. In fact, they only have one quality win and that came against a TCU team reeling from injuries. In their other big games against UCLA and Boise State, Utah was blown off the field in embarrassing fashion. Losses to Wyoming and New Mexico don't help, either. With that said, if the Utes can get a 7th win and finish the year 7-5 (6-5 against D1-A competition), I'll be more inclined to support the reasoning for giving Utah a bowl bid. That would require a road win over an always feisty Air Force team, or a win over a top-25 ranked BYU team. If the Utes do both and finish the year 8-4, making a bowl game would be certain and definitely deserved.

I'm hoping Utah can pad its resume to end the season because even if they finish 6-6, I'm not so sure they would get an invite to a bowl game. I broke down the possibilities last week and pretty much stand by my claims. But a win against Air Force Saturday would probably guarantee them a spot in a bowl game and since that would mean a winning record against D1-A opponents, I think it would make them worthy of a bowl.