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The good, the bad and the ugly

The Good...

  • Utah's offense. The Utes offense played well against the 24th ranked Rams' defense. The 35 points by Utah was the most given up by the Rams this year.
  • Ratliff's play. Along with Utah's solid offensive performance, Ratliff looked poised as he passed for 296 yards and completed 20 of 32 passes.
  • Ludwig's play calling. Ludwig actually called a great game, not sticking with the typical vanilla offense Utah fans are accustom to this season. Working Brent Casteel into the offensive game plan has made Utah's offense less predictable, let's hope Ludwig continues doing it.

The Bad...

  • Utah's defense. While not bad, it got worked in the first half, giving up 13 straight points to a very average Rams offense. I'll give them credit though, the defense made the needed adjustments and nearly kept the Rams without a touchdown in the second half.
  • Eric Weddle. He played well on offense, but got burned on the defensive end a few times. While he didn't play a bad game, it wasn't good either and I hope he can find his groove again in the coming weeks. Weddle will need to be an All-American on defense if the Utes are going to have a prayer at stopping BYU.

The Ugly...

  • The crowd. Paid attendance says 39,532 attended, but I would be surprised if there were no more than 30,000. For the first time all season, the crowd actually disappointed me. The weather didn't help, either. Outside of that, I couldn't find anything ugly about Utah's play. Let's hope the Utes keep it up next week and defeat Air Force on the road.