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MWC Power Rankings

Three weeks left in the season and the conference is still looking pathetic.

  1. BYU - An impressive victory over Wyoming last week, should soundly defeat New Mexico. One game away from winning an outright conference championship.
  2. TCU - Since losing to Utah, the Frogs have won 4 straight. Barely hung on against the the Lobos last week. I wouldn't be surprised if the Frogs lost another game this season...or won out.
  3. Utah - Hm, looking better after blowing the Rams out last week. They'll have a tough test against Air Force and a victory there could set up a fairly big game against BYU.
  4. Air Force - Played ball control last week against Notre Dame, but failed to make a dent in the score. They're favored against the Utes, but their season is slowly unraveling. A victory over Utah could change that.
  5. New Mexico - Lobos played tough in coming back against TCU, but ultimately lost. Only one victory away from a trip to the inaugural New Mexico Bowl.
  6. Wyoming - Cowboys got the beat down in Provo last week, but should easily defeat UNLV this week. That gets the Cowboys 6 wins on the season.
  7. San Diego State - Hammered UNLV last week, moved up a spot in the power rankings. However they still look really bad.
  8. Colorado State - This will go down as the worst season in Sonny Lubick's career. The Rams are terrible and still have a game against TCU.
  9. UNLV - Still looking for that first win over a D1-A team. They've lost 9 straight.