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Hit the road Giac?

Ah, basketball is off to its first 0-2 start since the 1970 season and my hope for the team is officially done.

Once one of the proudest basketball programs in the west, Utah is now looking to be one of the worst. Last night Utah basketball went on the road and got slaughtered by an average at best Santa Clara team. And while I had no way of watching (the game was not on TV), it possibly could be the lowest point in recent Utah basketball history. This season was touted as one that would be exciting and Giacoletti actually had me believing Utah basketball would make progress from last year's 14 win season. Now I'm starting to think this program has regressed.

The Utes next game is at home against Colorado, a team that has been blown out by both Air Force and New Mexico. If the Utes lose to the Buffs, I would not be surprised if this were Giacoletti's final season at Utah. Which would be a complete turnaround, considering just two years ago Giacoletti had the Utes playing unbelievable ball, rolling through their schedule and making a trip to the Sweet 16. Now wins against the likes of Rice, Colorado and even Cal Poly aren't a guarantee.

This was not a good year to be a Utah sports fan. Utah football woefully underperforms and Utah basketball looks like it may put together the worst season in school history.

Oh joy.