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65% of Ute fans disapprove of Kyle Whittingham's job performance

While not scientific, the most recent poll question here on Block U asked readers to say whether they approved or disapproved of Kyle Whittingham's job. Currently Utah fans overwhelmingly disapprove of the job Coach Whittingham is doing.

Here's a break down of the results.

Do you approve or disapprove of the job Kyle Whittingham is doing?

¤ Strongly approve 19%  
¤ Somewhat approve 8%  
¤ Somewhat disapprove 21%  
¤ Strongly disapprove 44%  
¤ Not sure 6%  

65% of Utah fans somewhat or strongly disapprove of Whittingham's job performance, while only 27% approve. Those numbers nearly mirror President Bush's, ouch!

It'll be interesting to see where these numbers stand after the season is over. If the Utes limp to a 5-7 record (very possible), I could see those disapproval ratings rise into the 70s, however an 8-4 record (not likely) could raise Whittingham's ratings much higher than they are now. But one thing is clear, Whittingham has little trust from this fan base and he's going to have to earn it back before the season ends, or this team will be hurting entering the '07 season.