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A November to remember

Kyle Whittingham dubbed the final month of Utah's college football season the November to remember. He felt the Utes, to at least get out of the hole they dug themselves into with a mid-season slump, needed to win every game in November to have a good season. Well two down and one to go, as the Utes are 2-0 in the month of November and can go 3-0 with a victory this Saturday against TDS.

Since 1999 the Utes have been nearly unstoppable in the month of November, here's a look at past November finishes since the creation of the Mountain West Conference in 1999.

Year November Record Final Record Beat TDS?
1999 2-1 9-3 Yes
2000 2-1 4-7 No
2001 2-1 8-4 No
2002 3-0 5-6 Yes
2003 3-0 10-3 Yes
2004 3-0 12-0 Yes
2005 2-1 7-5 Yes
2006 2-0 7-4 --
Total 19-4 62-32 5-2

The Utes are 19-4 in the month of November since 1999. That's a winning percentage of .826, clearly a dominate record for the month. There are two averages working against each other here, however. The Utes have had four seasons where they've finished 2-1 in the month of November over the past few years, so it would be logical to assume that they're setting themselves up for another 2-1 November finish. Yet Utah has also won five of seven from TDS, which one assume nearly guarantees Utah a victory this Saturday.

Really though, these averages don't mean much, except that the Utes have traditionally finished strong. Whittingham is trying to make this the November to remember, and defeating TDS would certainly do just that.