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Fire Giacoletti

What a freaking joke! Tonight Utah lost to a Colorado team that was blown out by an average of 40+ points against Air Force and New Mexico. They're off to their worst start in decades, and have a coach who clearly is in over his head. What the hell has happened to Utah basketball? Just two years ago we were a top-10 team and making the Sweet 16.

Holy hell, this is beyond the pale! I can't even type because I'm so upset at what's transpired this season. Giacoletti is done at Utah. At least Whittingham has shown he CAN put together two winning seasons in a row. Giacoletti's only success came in his first year, where he piggybacked off of Andrew Bogut. Now that he's gone, Utah's basketball tradition seems to have left with him.

Fire Giacoletti RIGHT NOW! Find a competent coach and get this basketball program back to the elite stature it deserves.