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MWC Power Rankings

Final week for most of the conference.

  1. TDS - Beat the Lobos last week and enter the Holy War on an 7 game winning streak. Can they knock off Utah for the first time in five years?
  2. TCU - Frogs rolling along, two games left on their schedule and then it's most likely a trip to San Diego for the Poinsettia Bowl.
  3. Utah - A victory over TDS could push them to the 2nd spot, but it'll be mighty tough. Last week's victory over Air Force however was pretty impressive.
  4. Wyoming - Cowboys season officially ended last week with a victory over UNLV, yet don't expect them to make a bowl game.
  5. Air Force - Falcons watched their bowl hopes fade away with Utah's game winning field goal last Saturday.
  6. New Mexico - One win away from the New Mexico Bowl. I'm praying this happens, because if not the Utes might land here.
  7. San Diego State - Aztecs suck and yet they're 7th in the conference.
  8. CSU - Ouch, you really suck if you're behind San Diego State. CSU will finish with their worst season in conference history.
  9. UNLV - Take the sucky-ness of CSU and San Diego State, then times it by 100 and you'll still be far from how bad of a team UNLV is.
Here's to Utah beating TDS this Saturday, then I'll be an asshole and put them at #1, just to spite those overegoed trolls to the south! ;)