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Fort Worth here we come?

Hm, it looks like the Utes are slated to play Tulsa in the Fort Worth Bowl. Not what I would call a great bowl game, or even a great opponent. No disrespect to Tulsa, but I'd rather Utah play a BCS opponent than some Conference USA team and I'm guessing your fans feel the same way too.

Oddly enough, Tulsa already played BYU earlier this year and got smacked around like Whitney Houston at Christmas time. "Bobby, no! Please don't hit me again...AHHHH!"

Oh well, I guess I should be thankful for playing in any bowl game, since a little over a month ago any bowl game looked improbable for the Utes.

Utah's won 5 straight bowl games, do I smell 6 in a row? If they play like they did Saturday, I'm not sure there are many non-BCS teams that can beat them.