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MWC Power Rankings

Only a few weeks left in the season and it's clear how bad this conference really is.

  1. BYU - Cougars will wrap up their first conference championship since 2001 tonight with a victory over Wyoming. Their reward? A berth to the Las Vegas Bowl.
  2. TCU - Frogs are 6-2 on the season and should have no problem rolling through the rest of their schedule. Look for a 10 win season at the end of the year.
  3. Wyoming - Cowboys will drop after a loss against BYU tonight, but I'll keep them here for now. Wyoming needs one win to get 6, that should happen with a victory over UNLV to end the season. But it won't be enough to get them into a bowl game.
  4. New Mexico - Lobos have won 3 straight, but will have a tough test this Saturday against TCU. Either way, New Mexico is pretty much assured a bowl berth, as San Diego State should be their 6th win.
  5. Air Force - Falcons looked to be slumping, but a blowout victory over Army last Saturday might give them a much needed confidence boost. Falcons should have no problem getting to 6 wins (over Utah and UNLV), anything after that will be difficult though as they play Notre Dame and TCU.
  6. Utah - Utah should probably defeat CSU and then finish the season with losses to Air Force and BYU. If this is the case, I don't think Utah should play in a bowl game, as their 6th win came against a crappy D1-AA team. Maybe the Utes will surprise me and defeat a good team this season, but that doesn't look likely.
  7. Colorado State - Rams have tanked since starting the season 4-1. It probably won't get any better, though surprising the Utes Saturday could happen.
  8. San Diego State - Damn the Aztecs are bad. They beat Air Force and then turn around and lose to Cal Poly. What's up with that? If I'm an Aztec fan, I'm praying for coach Tom Craft's return.
  9. UNLV - Rebels only hope for a win over a D1-A opponent will most likely come against the Aztecs. If they can't beat San Diego State, then Mike Sanford's days there are numbered.