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My Christmas wish list

Dear Santa,

I've been extra good this year! I swear, just ask my parole officer. It's been a tough year for us Ute fans. Our football team barely scraped by and our basketball team is playing itself into the dredges of college basketball (hello RPI of 202!). So I'm hoping you can make next year a bit better, I mean it's the least you can do, right?

I've opened doors for little old ladies, I helped the blind to see. I shoveled the neighbor's walks and even gave money to the poor, so I think you owe me, Santa! My good deeds should not go unnoticed and I expect the following in return.....

  1. An Armed Forces Bowl victory. C'mon Santa, Utah's won 5 straight bowl games -- a current streak that's second only to Boston College's 6 -- and the Utes really need this win to make this season at least respectable.
  2. A competent basketball coach. I want to like Ray Giacoletti, but I'm just not confident in his leadership. I fear he'll have just enough success this season to get another year and then tank next season.
  3. A solid football season next year. Oh please, Santa! This season was tough, but I at least have some hope for next year. Utah's offense will be scary good, while their defense should be efficient. That needs to equal at least 10-wins and a conference championship...right?
  4. A basketball program worthy of its history. Yikes, in two years Utah basketball went from being one of the best in the country, to one of the worst. Utah's the 10th winningest basketball program for a reason, now it's time they start playing like it. This team has talent, why can't it translate into wins?
  5. Two wins over BYU in basketball and a victory in the Holy War next year.
Five things, all top priority. I have the utmost faith in you, Santa...please deliver!